Product Updates: April 02, 2024

April 2, 2024
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Release Notes

This April 2nd, Cloudchipr unveils updates to enhance your cloud experience, featuring new support for AWS NAT Gateways and DynamoDB tables. Alongside, we’re introducing streamlined management and security enhancements.

New Features:

Resource Explorer: Live Usage Total on all views

Now, on all Resource Explorer views, Cloudchipr will show the total amount of underutilized resources based on the filters. You can also easily find which resources are underutilized. To do that Group by Resource and Hit the red button on top of the table.

Dashboards: Cost and Usage Summary Widget

In Dashboards, we've introduced a new widget called 'Cost and Usage Summary.' This allows you to see the most critical totals from your selected views on a single screen. You can add multiple widgets to each dashboard view.

AWS NAT Gateway

We now support NAT gateways in Live Usage and Management. You can filter your NAT Gateways using usage metrics like Connections and Data Processed, and even identify gateways that haven't been used within a specific period. Additionally, there are more filters available to further refine your search and analysis.

AWS DynamoDB Tables

DynamoDB tables are now supported in  Live Usage and Management. It will display your underutilized DynamoDB tables. The default filters are shown in the picture below.

As always, in addition to the features above, we have released a number of user experience improvements based on the valuable feedback from our users 🙂 ❤️ 🎉

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