Product Updates: January 26, 2024

January 26, 2024
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Release Notes

Our latest January updates bring exciting new features and enhancements to our platform. Here’s what’s new:


Resource Explorer's Reset Filter Changes

You now have the ability to modify any filters in a saved Resource Explorer view and can effortlessly revert to the last saved state. This feature enhances your experience by providing more control and flexibility in data analysis.

Bi-Weekly Scheduling Capability

  • Scheduling Made Easy: You can now set up a bi-weekly schedule, allowing for the creation of recurring events that occur every few weeks. This new functionality is perfect for managing regular tasks and events in a more efficient and organized manner.

Forecasted Month-End Cost

  • Predictive Insights: We've introduced the 'Forecasted Month-end Cost' option in the Resource Explorer. This feature provides you with an approximate bill that is expected to occur at the end of the month, calculated based on the Total Cost of the filtered items.


Updated Operators

The operators for the Tag filter have been updated. Besides '=' (equal to) and '!=' (not equal to), they now include:

  • In
  • Not in
  • Contains
  • Doesn't contain
  • Exists
  • Doesn't exist

Contains / Doesn't Contain:

When either of these operators is selected, a select box for the Key and a text field for the Value are displayed.

  • The Key requires a specific value:
  • Click on the "Key" select box to view and select from a list of existing keys or enter a custom key.
  • Enter a specific substring or character in the Value field.

In / Not in:

  • These operators bring up Key and Value select boxes.
  • Key is single-select, whereas Value allows for multi-selection.
  • You can enter a custom Key and select or enter multiple custom Values.

Exists / Doesn't Exist:

  • Selecting either of these operators displays the Key select box.
  • Choose from a list of existing keys or add a new custom key.

Enhanced Multi-Select Functionality

Streamlined Selections: We've added an "ONLY" button to our multi-select feature. This option allows you to select only one item from a list of many with ease. For instance, if all items are selected, there's no need to deselect each one before choosing your preferred item. Simply click 'only' to automatically deselect all others, keeping just your chosen item active.

We're constantly working to improve our platform and are excited to see how these new features will enhance your experience. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months!

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