Product Updates: March 2, 2024

March 2, 2024
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Release Notes

It's March 2nd and we're back with more updates to make your Cloudchipr experience even better! We've made things easier and safer for you with new features like seeing when your resources are protected at a glance and exporting important data with a click. Plus, we've improved how you can organize and find your stuff, making managing your resources a breeze.

New Features:

Easy-to-See Protection Status

When protection is enabled on your resources a new πŸ”’ icon appears next to the resource, and hovering over that icon will show the user who enabled the protection (e.g., "Protection enabled by").


"ProtectedBy" Filter

We have introduced a "ProtectedBy" filter within our resources filters. This new filter allows to search for resources protected by exact users.

Here are some key aspects of this filter:

  • Operators: You can filter resources using "In" and "Not In" operators to include or exclude specific users.
  • Value Selection: The filter supports multi-select options, enabling you to select multiple users at once for your queries.
  • Comprehensive User List: The list includes all users, not just those who have actively protected resources. It also includes users who have been deleted from Cloudchipr.

"Protected" Filter

In addition to the "ProtectedBy" filter, we've also rolled out a "Protected" filter. This filter simplifies the process of identifying which resources are protected.

Enhanced Recommendations: CSV Export, Frequency Column, and Dismissal Features

Off-Hours CSV Export Functionality: Now Cloudchipr users can export a detailed list of their Off Hours recommendations into a CSV file for passing over to resource owners to approve the recommendation.

Recommendations Section Enhancements:

  • Frequency Column: We've improved the Recommendations table with the addition of a "Frequency" column, offering deeper insights into the patterns of your recommendations.
  • Dismiss Recommendations: Now it’s possible to temporarily or permanently dismiss the recommendations for resources that can not be touched at the given point of time.

Temporarily Dismiss Recommendations: Dismiss recommendations for specific durations - 7 days, 1 month, or 3 months.

Permanent Dismissal: For items that no longer require attention, there's an option to dismiss recommendations forever.

Active and Dismissed Resources Tabs: We've introduced 'Active', 'Dismissed', and 'Dismissed Resources' tabs to simplify navigation, allowing for swift transitions.




Resource Explorer Update: Grouping by Service

In the Resource Explorer, we've added "Service" as an optional child grouping under the Product Family category. Now, when a user selects to group by Product Family, they can further go down from product family to services.

Workflow Creation From Each Resource Type

The "Create Workflow" is now more accessible for each resourced type. This enhances the visibility and ease of creating workflows.


We're always on the move, making Cloudchipr better for you. We can't wait to see how these new updates make things smoother and safer. Keep an eye out for more improvements coming your way soon!

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