Product Updates: March 27, 2024

March 27, 2024
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Release Notes

Today is March 27th and Cloudchipr rolls out new batch of improvements. Highlights include advanced filtering options in the Resource Explorer, with Instance Family & Instance Type filters, and Group by Instance Type, Instance Family, and TAG Keys & Values. Dive into detailed insights with Live Usage & Management updates, featuring DAX Clusters Embrace robust access control with the introduction of the Super Admin role.

New Features:

Resource Explorer: Instance Family & Instance Type filters

Introducing Instance Family and Instance Type filters for enhanced and more accurate resource filtering. These filters enable a swift discovery of needed resources, streamlining project workflows.

Resource Explorer: “Group by” Instance Type and Instance Family (AWS)

Cloudchipr has introduced a new grouping feature in the Resource Explorer, specifically designed for AWS users. This allows for the organization of resources by Instance Type and Instance Family, with the option to save views using this grouping.

Resource Explorer: “Group by” TAG Keys and TAG Values

In Resource Explorer now it’s possible to Group by TAG Keys and TAG Values. Select the 'Group by Tags' option to display all TAG Keys in a table. Clicking on a TAG Key will then reveal all associated TAG Values, along with the resources having those tag values.

Live Usage & Mgmt: DAX Clusters (DynamoDB)

The DynamoDB service now includes DAX Clusters resources. Use filters such as Date Created, Node Type, Nodes, vCPU Reservation, CPU Utilization, Memory Reservation, Memory Utilization, Total Requests, Network In, Network Out, and Created By for detailed insights. From actions delete action is supported for DAX clusters.

Live Usage & Mgmt: Clickable Filtered Resources and Totals

Now, it is possible to view All resources alongside filtered ones, without the need to adjust existing filter templates.

New User Role: "Super Admin"

A new Super Admin user role is introduced, possessing the same permissions as the Owner role. Super Admins have the capability to add or remove users and manage user roles, except for modifying the Owner's role.

As always, in addition to the features above, we have released a number of user experience improvements based on the valuable feedback from our users 🙂 ❤️ 🎉

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